Air conditioning services

Once a luxury and only available on range topping cars and other vehicles, air conditioning (aircon) is now a staple of vehicle specifications and is standard equipment on the bulk of new cars on sale.

Aircon is certainly a huge aid to comfort not only on hot summer days but in the winter too: its de-moisturising properties help de-mist windscreens in the colder months, and all year round it improves interior air quality by filtering out airborne pollen and bacteria.

To keep your aircon performing as it should, a regular inspection, re-gassing and servicing routine should be followed: as experts with up to the minute aircon maintenance equipment at our disposal, we’d be delighted to help keep you cool and de-misted along with pollen and bacteria free.

Importance of aircon servicing

Your aircon system needs regular maintenance and attention to maintain optimum performance:


Most vehicles’ aircon systems lose around 10 to 20% of their refrigerant gas each year through natural dissipation.

A domestic fridge - which basically operates using aircon tech - won’t lose as much refrigerant as your car might because cars and other vehicles equipped with aircon use largely rubber pipes and seals while your fridge in the kitchen mainly uses metal piping.

Therefore, at the very least re-gassing is required regularly - by regularly most manufacturers recommend a minimum of every two years.

If you notice your interior isn’t keeping as cool as it used to, or de-misting seems to take longer even with the aircon on and the fan at its highest setting, then it’s probably time to re-gas your system.

Inspection and servicing

Along with natural dissipation of gas, the rest of your aircon system should be checked as - over time - pipework and seals can fail or wear so causing higher rates of gas loss. Major components such as the aircon compressor can fail causing total loss of aircon function.

We have invested heavily in aircon remedial tech so can help with all aircon related work from an inspection through to a full system replacement.

Such is the demand for our aircon services, we’re already on our fifth machine purely though wear and tear over extended use, and we calculate we’ve got through around 2.5 tonnes of refrigerant gas since opening for business in 2010.

We provide fixed price aircon servicing and, should yours require more attention by way of a major component or whole system replacement, we’re happy to provide a quote.

Free courtesy car

Use our courtesy car (subject to availability) if you need wheels while we work on your aircon system although basic inspection and re gas only takes 45-60 minutes usually.

0% finance on aircon work

You may decide to spread the cost if perhaps your aircon requires extensive attention so we can help:

  • We offer finance facilities via Payment Assist for all work we undertake on vehicles up to £3,000
  • 25% payable on collection of your vehicle
  • The remainder can be spread over four months at 0% interest

(Ask for further details and to see full finance terms and conditions).

To keep your aircon performing properly call Rhino Motors now.

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