Cambelts and Clutches

We can offer a full inspection and replacement service for cambelts and clutches for most makes of vehicle, so if your cambelt replacement interval is imminent or you have a slipping clutch then call the team at Rhino Motors now.

Cambelt inspection and replacement

Many vehicle engines feature a belt to keep the engine running properly though accurate control of the valves.

Unlike engines with a ‘cam chain’ (as its name suggests a metal chain) a cambelt is a rubber belt. It requires replacement at a certain mileage, or maybe time interval, with possibly an interim inspection advised to check its condition.

What if the cambelt isn’t replaced on time?

Put bluntly: you’re asking for trouble!

After a while, if not replaced on time, the cambelt will snap and it’s highly likely you’ll not only be stranded (it renders the engine unusable), but extensive repairs will be required as considerable engine damage often results. The valves basically smash themselves up likely along with other engine components.

Next stop: an extensive engine rebuild.

When does a cam belt need replacing?

It varies depending on make and model: it may tell you in the instruction manual, on the manufacturer’s website or in the service record book.

If you’re uncertain, then ask us: we have extensive information relating to makes, models and engine types across most manufacturers so we’ll be able to tell you and, if you like, quote a price and book you in.

How we can help

If an inspection is due we’ll do that for you and, for a cambelt replacement itself, we’ll do a thorough job as per the manufacturer’s specifications and stipulations and advise if supplementarity work is required or desirable.

For example, in some cases replacing components such as the water pump is an option when the cam belt is replaced - it’s sometimes better to do two jobs at once rather than have to remove similar parts again at a later date just to replace a failing water pump.

We’ll advise whether this is a worthwhile option for you as requirements vary from make to make.

Don’t take any chances with your cambelt: a smaller outlay to replace it is well worth the much larger expense of an engine rebuild.

Call us today.


If you detect your clutch is wearing - the classic sign is revs increasing unexpectedly as the clutch slips - then it’s time to call the team at Rhino Motors and get a new one fitted.

If you leave it then not only is it inconvenient, annoying and noisy, but sooner or later (and probably at a really bad time) your clutch will fail completely leaving your vehicle likely undriveable.

We can soon tell you if you need a new clutch or if it simply needs adjusting, and do the work accordingly at a competitive price.

We can replace clutches for most makes of vehicle, and if we haven’t got the parts in stock we’ll get them in fast and get you back on the road pronto with a fully functioning clutch.


Along with a failing clutch - or instead of - you may be concerned your gearbox isn’t performing as it should. Is it feeling notchy? Clonking a little?

If so we can likely help with some gearbox TLC: a gearbox takes a lot of stick even with the most careful owner, so it’s not uncommon for the odd problem to occur.

We can put our experience at your disposal to help get your gearbox back to its slickest best.

Free courtesy car

If you need to be mobile while we’re working on your vehicle, then you can use our courtesy car (subject to availability). It’s totally free apart from the fuel you use.

Spread the cost with 0% finance

If you’d like to spread the cost of your cambelt, clutch or gearbox work ask about our finance option:

  • We offer finance facilities via Payment Assist for all work we undertake on vehicles up to £3,000
  • 25% payable on collection of your vehicle
  • The remainder can be spread over four months at 0% interest

(Ask for further details and to see full finance terms and conditions).

Get in touch with the Rhino Motors team today.

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