ECU Remapping - ‘The power to transform’

AT Rhino Motors we’re delighted to offer full ECU remapping services for a wide range of vehicles.

…and when we say ‘wide range’ that’s exactly what we mean: we can perform remapping on not only cars and vans but motorcycles, tractors and - believe it our not - jet skis.

Not content with providing top class remapping throughout the Plymouth and surrounding area, we go the extra mile in making your remap as easy as possible through facilities such as a free courtesy car if required and 0% finance (see below).

Remapping: not just for performance cars

Some think remapping is basically a way of teasing a bit more performance out of already fast or previously souped up sports cars. While it’s true many high performance motors have benefitted from an ECU remap, the service is equally valuable to the humblest city runabout, work van and even the odd tractor.

‘Performance’ doesn’t just mean BHP or top speed, it’s the overall way a remap can improve drivability in the areas of:

Torque - more pulling power
Acceleration - a smoother progression with no ‘flat spots’
Economy - fuel consumption sometimes improves (and will if an ‘economy remap’ is specified)

Why is an ECU remap worthwhile?

Many cars and other vehicles feature an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) performing as the brain of the engine by constantly adjusting key settings to ensure it runs as consistently and reliably as possible based on factors such as driving demands, temperature, quality of fuel used and more.

It works by operating to a set of pre-ordained settings programmed in at the factory.

The problem here is this ‘cookie cut’ approach doesn’t take into account the varying ways cars and other vehicles are used in those countries and climates where they’re available, and how the vehicle is driven: whether mostly for short runs, lots of open road work, stop and start driving and so on.

It’s fair to say the standard ECU settings don’t suit all drivers of a particular make and model of vehicle.

An ECU remapping addresses this issue by installing new software to control the ECU so as to more accurately meet your performance requirements.

Made to order

You tell us what our priorities are: do you need extra low down pulling power for towing? Are you after general performance boosts such as improved throttle response? Do you want improved fuel economy?

Whatever your priority is you’ll usually derive other benefits: for example, improved performance in terms of absolute power (BHP) may translate into improved fuel economy too as you won’t be using as much throttle to make progress.

Similarly, an economy remap will often produce other benefits such as smoother acceleration and improved pulling power.

Performance remap

If you ask us for a ‘performance remap’ with the accent perhaps on improved pulling power or increased BHP, you’d benefit from the following:

Improved throttle response
More lower down pulling power (increased torque)
Smoother power delivery with no acceleration ‘flat spots’
Possible fuel economy improvements

Economy remap

You could improve your fuel economy by up to 20% so offsetting your investment in a remap by saving money at the filling station. Other benefits:

Reduced CO2 emissions
More engine power and increased torque
Better drivability with no acceleration ‘flat spots’

The remapping levels

There are three levels of our performance remapping - we’d be pleased to discuss what’s most appropriate for you.

Stage 1 - for standard specification vehicles: general improvements in power and torque and possible fuel economy benefits. A stage 1 is an ECU remap only with no hardware changes (new exhaust etc).

Stage 2 - for those requiring more power than a stage 1 remap provides, replacement hardware to support the extra power might be needed such as an uprated exhaust system.

Stage 3 - for even more power, and likely to only be undertaken on already higher performance vehicles, a stage 3 remap will very likely require hardware upgrades to support the increased power.

The remapping itself

We take a step by step approach to ensure your ECU remap achieves exactly what you desire.

1. Prep - we carry out a full health check including a diagnostic check to ensure your car or other vehicle is in the appropriate condition for a remap.

2. Backing up - we back up your existing ECU software and label it carefully before storing it securely so as to easily re-install it to your vehicle if you wish us to in the future.

3. The remap process - using our high tech remapping equipment from respected industry names such as Avon Tuning and Dimsport, we analyse your present ECU’s data before creating new software (the ‘map’) in line with your requirements to make the performance changes in the areas of power, fuel economy, torque and acceleration.

4. Upload the map - the new software is installed onto your ECU.

5. Diagnostic check and road test - a full diagnostic check and road test is undertaken to ensure your new remap is performing as specified.

Assuming all is satisfactory we hand you your keys!

Spread the cost with 0% finance

If you’d like to spread the cost of your remap we can help:

  • We offer finance facilities via Payment Assist for all work we undertake on vehicles up to £3,000
  • 25% payable on collection of your vehicle
  • The remainder can be spread over four months at 0% interest

(Ask for further details and to see full finance terms and conditions).

Free courtesy car

Subject to availability you’re welcome to use our courtesy car if you need to be mobile while we’re remapping your vehicle. It’s a totally free facility - just replace the fuel you use.

Call now to find out how our ECU remapping can help you make the most of your motoring.

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