Servicing & Diagnostics

Regular servicing is a basic requirement in looking after your vehicle, and a condition of pretty much all manufacturer vehicle warranties.

You can rely on Rhino Motors to provide top class servicing for your vehicle whether it’s still under warranty or a decades old classic.

We’re able to service most makes of car although we are particular VW Audi Group specialists including Skoda and Seat.

Free courtesy car - To help further we can offer free use of a courtesy car (subject to availability) if you need some wheels while your vehicle is with us.

Finance on servicing - if you’d like to spread the cost of your servicing work ask us about our 0% finance facility (see below).

Book your service with confidence

If your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty you aren’t tied to the franchised dealer for servicing: as long as your preferred garage adheres to the specific manufacturer’s service routine and uses genuine parts you can use them.

Rhino Motors falls into this category so book with confidence.

We are fully conversant with various manufacturer service schedules, not to mention the servicing demands of all manner of vehicles of varying ages, so we can handle whatever your particular vehicle requires at servicing time.

Along with servicing we always carry out a health check on your vehicle and, whether it’s part of the schedule or not, check the brake fluid to ensure it’s still in good condition.

We’ll also carry out a free winter health check if your vehicle is booked in during or close to the colder months.

Repairs and other work

If we find a problem while servicing your vehicle or something needs replacing, we’ll always let you know when extra work is required and - assuming you give us the go ahead - get it done for you using quality parts.

You might choose to combine your service with other work such as:

  • Air conditioning inspection, re gas and service
  • Tyre inspection and replacement
  • Cambelt inspection or replacement
  • Headlamp rebuffing - for when lenses and covers become opaque through ageing

Maybe you’ve imported a vehicle and need it adapting for UK use? (If you’re interested in a UK import vehicle talk to our sister company South West Car Imports)


Modern vehicles rely heavily on signposting faults and other issues through the use of electronic codes that require interpretation by trained experts suitably equipped with industry standard diagnostic equipment.

At Rhino Motors we’re past masters at not only being able to diagnose faults accurately, but also to fix them often at a cost far below what it would cost at the main dealer.

We’ve invested heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment and continue to do so to make our diagnostics service as comprehensive as possible.

We’ve saved many of our customers considerable sums of money through diagnosing faults and remedying them at prices far below what the main dealer would charge: plenty of examples on our Facebook page.

For older vehicles not equipped with diagnostic reporting tech we use good old fashioned manual detective work to isolate the problem.

So if you have a warning light on that you’re not sure about or think something’s not quite right with your vehicle, then call us at Rhino Motors now so we can sort it out for you.


  • We offer finance facilities via Payment Assist for all work we undertake on vehicles up to £3,000
  • 25% payable on collection of your vehicle
  • The remainder can be spread over four months at 0% interest

(Ask for further details and to see full finance terms and conditions).

Get a quote to remap your vehicle.

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