Tyres and Wheel Alignment

Your tyres are the only contact between your vehicle and the road so it’s vital to ensure they’re in the very best condition and that your wheels are aligned and balanced properly.

If your tyres are not in the best shape and your wheels are mis-aligned, then at best your vehicle won’t drive as it should and at worst it could be highly dangerous to use.

Tyre condition

Tyres have a hard life just in everyday use so it’s vital you regularly ensure yours are still in the best condition. Under or over inflated tyres can affect the way your vehicle drives, its fuel economy and increase wear amongst others.

Not enough tread not only affects grip but is also illegal below certain limits and an MOT failure, so if you’re in any doubts come and see us and we’ll check your tyres for wear and general condition.

Tyre choices

We can provide a wide range of tyres from good value budget types through to premium variants including run flats from most leading tyre manufacturers.

We always maintain comprehensive stock levels and can very quickly order others in when required, so there’s no need to go to a quick fit centre when we can take care of your tyre requirements.

We’re more than happy to advise if you need new tyres and, if so, what type might best suit your vehicle based on price and performance. Our tyre replacement service includes wheel balancing (see below) and new valves.

Puncture repair

In many cases we can repair your tyre if you have a puncture usually while you wait.

It’s possible we may not be able to repair the puncture if it’s in a particular area of the tyre: we’ll advise you immediately on inspection if this is the case.

TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) check

TPMS has been part of a vehicle’s standard equipment for some years now to help ensure motorists aren’t driving with incorrect tyre pressures. Unfortunately TPMS systems can malfunction so giving false alerts or not working at all.

We have invested in specialist diagnostic equipment to check your TPMS is working properly and isolate the fault if it isn’t. So if you’re baffled that your TPMS warning light is on but your tyre pressures are fine, then ask us to take a look at your TPMS for you.

Wheel alignment

Good tyres aren’t much help if your wheels aren’t aligned properly - wrongly aligned wheels could soon damage your tyres through causing excessive and uneven wear.

Wheel alignment is the angle at which your wheels contact the road surface - there’s often a variation specific to each type of vehicle - and if this isn’t as per the manufacturer’s specification, tyre problems can ensue not to mention other issues including impaired steering and poor handling.

We provide a full four wheel alignment service using state of the art laser alignment tech.

When is wheel alignment required?

Usually if replacement suspension components have been fitted or if your vehicle has been knocked in some way.

A thump into a kerb or pothole could put alignment out, so if this has happened to you or you just aren’t sure if your vehicle is handling as it should, or you spot signs of uneven tyre wear, then give us a call and we’ll check for you.

Wheel balancing

Even if your tyres are in top condition and wheel alignment is correct, if your wheels aren’t balanced drivability will be affected.

Each wheel has to be balanced so it rotates smoothly: poorly balanced wheels cause a vibration when driving. Left unchecked poorly balanced wheels can cause not only uncomfortable driving - especially at higher speeds - but eventual damage to steering and suspension components.

If you suspect you may need your wheels balanced we’ll gladly check it out for you.

Wheel balancing is usually required when new tyres are fitted.

Spread the cost with 0% finance

You can spread the cost of wheel and tyre related work:

  • We offer finance facilities via Payment Assist for all work we undertake on vehicles up to £3,000
  • 25% payable on collection of your vehicle
  • The remainder can be spread over four months at 0% interest

(Ask for further details and to see full finance terms and conditions).

For all things tyre and wheel related call us at Rhino Motors for expert help and top value prices.

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