Remapping FAQs

Any questions? Here are the ones we’re asked most often, but if yours isn’t featured feel free to call and ask away.

Can I revert back to original factory settings?

Certainly: as said above we back up and retain your existing ECU settings, so it’s easy enough to replace (overwrite) your new remapping software with the previous version.

Do I need to tell my insurance company I’ve had an ECU remap?

Yes as it counts as a vehicle modification.

Do you have to remove parts of the engine?

No we don’t: your ECU remap is totally non-invasive - we simply plug our remapping equipment into your engine’s ECU and replace the existing settings with new ones. It’s very much like replacing old software with new on your PC.

Suppose my vehicle needs a manufacturer’s software update?

The new software they install will simply overwrite the ECU remapping we did for you: all that’s needed to restore your remap it is to ask us to re-install it.

Would my dealer be able to tell I’ve had an ECU remap?

Mostly no they wouldn’t, but if you’re concerned you can bring it back to us and we’ll reinstall your original settings from the back up we made.

If it’s a consideration because you’ll be taking your vehicle in to them for servicing, bear in mind we can service most makes of vehicle to manufacturer standards - even if still under warranty - and there’s no need to remove your remap if we do the service.

Is remapping worthwhile for my little city car?

Definitely! As described earlier remapping isn’t just for high performance machinery: it benefits all kinds of vehicles from a high performance BMW to a tractor.

I own an expensive prestige model - can I trust your service?

We’d like to think so! We number many owners of high performance, exotic prestige cars as very happy Rhino remapping customers (see our Facebook page for some case studies).

Is remapping stressful for the engine?

We never take liberties by undertaking work on vehicles not appropriate for it.

As said earlier we conduct a full diagnostic health check before starting any remapping work and, based on your requirements, we’ll always advise on what the implications would be.

For instance, if you wish for the ultimate in power as in a stage 3 remap then we’d advise you if hardware upgrades such as an uprated turbocharger or exhaust system would be mandatory.

Is there a warranty on this work?

Yes indeed: there’s a lifetime warranty on the software file itself to cover corruptions and malfunctions.

More questions? Want to discuss your requirements? Call now to find out how our ECU remapping can help you make the most of your motoring.

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